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What A World, What A World

What a World, What A World

October 1 – November 6, 2016

Opening Reception – October 7, 6-9 pm

I find myself saying “What a world” a lot. Usually in response to some incomprehensible human behavior or some new social/political development that I can’t believe is happening. I associate the phrase “What a world” with The Wizard of Oz, when the Wicked Witch of the West is melting and speaks the words “What a world, what a world…Who would have thought that some little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness.” Even as a child this intrigued me, how the evil side can also be astonished by behavior and circumstance.… Read more here



June 3 – July 3, 2016

JONALDDUDD is an exhibition of works by artists and designers challenging the conventions of contemporary design. These individuals use design as a medium for personal expression and critical analysis, creating objects that offer cultural commentary and blur the boundaries between art, design, and craft — punx not dead.… Read more here



April 29 – May 29, 2016

Reception: Friday, April 29, 6-9

The Parlour Bushwick is pleased to present “Meddwl”, featuring work by Jonathan Cowan, Christopher Manning, Jessica Langley, and Christopher Dunlap

Taking a reflective approach to image-making the artists in the exhibition entitled “Meddwl”; a Gaelic term for thinking, create work that calls for a contemplative gaze. Each coming from a distinct working process whether it is a bonding of two separate art practices, repetition of shape and color, or cataloging and manipulating that which they see in nature their process allows them to visualize and come to understand their relationship to the natural world. Through metaphor, memory, and daily life they create a visual experience that takes time to process.… Read more here

Make it Real

Make it Real

The work in this exhibition blurs the definitions of Realist and Representational art. While the artists are making work based on observing what they see, their work is not specifically about rendering for the sake of rendering or mastering a technique. What makes their imagery resonate is how their ironic humor, unique use of materials, and commitment to subject matter draws the viewer into their work.

Hilary Doyle paints the people she observes around her. Her inquisitive yet analytical approach towards materials creates innovative portraits that draw attention to abstraction, surface, and an awkward humanism.

Amy Hill paints portraits in a highly stylized manner that evokes different art historical genres and styles such as the Rembrandtesque images of her heavy metal musicians or painting modern day hipsters in a manner reminiscent of the Renaissance.… Read more here

The Hand that Creates the I

The Hand that Creates the I

Symbols, metaphors, and physical size are a few ways that the artists in “The Hand that Creates the I” reveal a human presence in their work.

Carol Bruns builds her abstracted forms out of wire, plaster, and paper. Grounded in the human form her larger than life pieces while initially made to be cast in bronze become entities unto themselves. Painted and colored they are at once symbols and expressions of the human

Erika Ranee does large abstract paintings. Ranee brings a physicality to her work through the process of pouring thin layers of paint and simultaneously lifting and turning the paintings to change the paints course.… Read more here