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The Hand that Creates the I

“The Hand that Creates the I”

Erika Ranee

“Flim Flam”, Mixed Media, 84″ x 72″, 2012

hand on base

Carol Bruns

“Hand on base”, Paper Mache,  29″x 8″x 8″, 2015


David Humphrey

“Untitled”, Mixed Media, 2015


Melanie Smith

“The Colour Green”, HD vidio, 2.26 min, 2014… Read more here

“No Irony Here”

“No Irony Here”


Dave Kramer

“There is No Irony Here”, 2015, oil on canvas,  47″ x 44″

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.07.27 PM

Cate Giordano

“After the fire is gone” (excerpts), 2015, video still


Paul Gagner

“Backscratch Fever”, 2015, oil on canvas, 40″ x 36″


Intros Stills Warner

Claudia Bitran

“Intros”, 2015, video still… Read more here



Sarah Bednarek

Rachael Gorchov

Roxanne Jackson

Robin Kang

Katerina Lanfranco

Heidi Lau

Rebecca Morgan

Courtney Puckett

Nichole Van BeekRead more here

Show #15


Show #15


Lana Z Caplan

Play and Repeat, Digital Video Still


Thesis Mary Kay Saint Germain copy

Pamela Council 

“Mary Kay Saint Germaine”, Silk velvet which has been painted, dyed, and burnt-out (devoré), crepe shoe sole rubber on foam, fake candle lamp, pink Mary Kay Mirror, shine-thru, 120″ x 24″ x 24″

Thesis Mary Kay Saint Germain detail copy

Pamela Council 

“Mary Kate Saint Germaine” Detail

Pink Raggedy-2

Sue Havens

“Pink Raggedy”, 2014, acrylic on paper, glue, 10″ x 7″ x 5″


Jen Hitchings

CAKE (pre-0rgy), 2014, oil on canvas, 17″ x 37″… Read more here

Show #14 artists

Show #14


Bobby Neel Adams

Grasshoppers, Archival Digital Print, 22″ x 17″, 2014


Bobby Neel Adams

Long Horned Beetle, Archival Digital Print, 22″ x 17″, 2014

McQueen painting

Ryan Michael Ford

Pups McQueen, Oil on Canvas, 52″ x 72″, 2014

Poppin Palms Off-2

Ryan Michael Ford

Poppin Palms Off, Oil on Canvas, 27″ x 32″, 2014


Jeremiah Teipen

Ice Cubes Melting in a Plastic Cup, Video Installation, 2014


Jeremiah Teipen

Robots Don’t Smoke, Video Still, 2009… Read more here