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Exchange Rates – The Bushwick Expo

hagg-e1411483295466 Christopher Patch
 “Sea Hag Series”, block print on canvas, 2014

sarcophagus dolly inside Cate Giordano
 “Dolly Presley”, video work in progress, 2014

Echo Chamber
 “After Carl”, mixed-media installation, 2014 Andrew Lacon, Andre de Jong, and Cathy Wade… Read more here

Exchange Rates – The Bushwick Expo

The Parlour Bushwick is pleased to be a part of “Exchange Rates – The Bushwick Expo”. The artists in this exhibition all come from different perspectives in how they go about creating work. Fictional melodramas, obscure narratives and theoretical based practices seem like an unlikely combination for an exhibition yet the artists have one thing in common in their desire to look to the past to create in the present. Furthermore, it is interesting to note how their choice of inspiration influences their personal aesthetic.

In her video “Dolly Presley”, Cate Giordano fuses two Southern American icons to create a mythological character that plays the part of a struggling waitress in a luncheonette.… Read more here