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May 22 – June 28, 2015

The Parlour Bushwick presents Neo-Craftivism, co-organized by Rachael Gorchov, Roxanne Jackson and Robin Kang. Featuring the work of Sarah Bednarek, Rachael Gorchov, Roxanne Jackson, Robin Kang, Katerina Lanfranco, Heidi Lau, Rebecca Morgan, Courtney Puckett and Nichole Van Beek.

 Contemporary crafter and activist, Betsy Greer, coined the term Craftivism, in 2003. A single word designed to merge craft and social activism, identifying a movement that, in line with the Third-wave feminist movement, utilized craft as subversive. Through showcasing artists working with traditional craft media in current and contemporary ways, we have assembled new voices in visual art who are engaging in this conversation.

Drawing from a scope of ideas, ranging from the banal beauty of contemporary landscape and culture, the absurdity of pop culture, digital-age iconography, horror film and sci-fi imagery, the artists in this show blend and appropriate these images to create something uncommon, fresh, and contradictory.… Read more here