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Festival of Political Pleasure 2

Festival of Political Pleasure


Mike Ballou


Nadine Beauharnois


Robin Bruch


Peter WilliamsRead more here

Festival of Political Pleasure

Festival of Political Pleasure

curated by Carol Bruns

Against a social-political background of global war against the people and the planet, and a cultural background of industrial scale art production, this exhibition is an exuberant festival, a conceptual shift, a seed bank of values such as human scale, humor, spontaneity, sensual use of materials, intuition—-creating a sense of hospitality and a utopian aesthetic. It puts these values back into play combining art works both figurative and abstract without false division or the idea that art history is a linear progress—it shows that differences are a resource, not a contest. Here, the art is setting up a situation in opposition to the global destruction going on around us, and implies a way to live now.… Read more here