Show #11

Curated by Frankie Phillips, the Parlour Bushwick is pleased to present “Show #11”.

The show consists of 5 painters that possess a natural tendency to depict the human figure. The works coexist peacefully as each of their painted states seems to have occurred in a natural course of action, discovery, and realization. This process of working without a preconceived or thoroughly planned idea results in ethereal depictions of a human experience or scenario.

Whether serene, chaotic, perverse, or simply romantic, they each are a celebration of the wonderful, and sometimes dark, beauty of the human existence.

The artists employ the use of various constructs- such as portraiture, self-portraiture, voyeurism, or the act of painting; however what they have in common is their display of the artist’s natural inclination to paint. What’s more, these works reflect an awareness of a world that is filled with light, color, shadow, emotions, and human beings.