Show #12

The Parlour Bushwick is pleased to present “Show #12”. The opening reception will take place Friday September 19, 2014 from 6 – 9pm. The gallery is located at 791 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221. The exhibition will run until October 17, 2014. The gallery is open Sunday, from 12 pm – 6 pm and by appointment.

In this exhibition, color is the element that ties the work together. There is also a graphic sensibility present that is described through hard-edged lines, definitive shapes and various cartoonish elements.

Blending flat vessel-like objects with painterly strokes of color Carolyn Case constructs dreamy abstract landscapes. Using Andean weaving and Persian carpets as an influence, She creates an animated world of brightly colored patterns and shapes.

Victoria Palermo’s sculptures are architectural in nature. Transparent materials such as Plexiglas and poured rubber as well as common building materials such as wood are used to create the walls of her structures. Viewing her work from all sides is necessary to experience the piece fully as color and form change throughout. Although they are purposeful in intention, they are not without whimsy. In “(my) little complex” the molded rubber structure looks to be leaning on one side; this creates an expression of playfulness and vulnerability.

Charlotte Hallberg takes the idea of a cartoon shape such as a “demi–lune” and uses it as her base for painting. As she points out, the shape can be a reference for many different things such as an eye or a punctuation mark. Within this format, she paints patterns of high key colors that create associations. Bands of colors can be a sunset, a rainbow or a landscape. Shapes almost form into objects such as lips or a horizon line popping in and out of both our site and our unconscious.

Tim Hutching’s video is a meditation on moiré patterns that are scaled up and down into different formats. Graphic blue and yellow dots morph into unusual patterns much like looking through a kaleidoscope.