Show #14 – Opening January 17, 2015

Show #14

January 17 – February 15, 2015

Bobby Neel Adams

Ryan Michael Ford

Jeremiah Teipen

The Parlour Bushwick is pleased to present Show #14. The opening reception will take place Saturday January 17, 2015 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. The gallery is located at 791 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221. The exhibition will run until Sunday February 15, 2015. The gallery is open Sunday, from 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm and by appointment.

Whether it is collecting insects, lifting images off the internet or using a personal visual vocabulary of odd creatures; the three artists in Show #14 share a tendency to gather and combine things to create a whole image.

Bobby Neel Adams collects dead insects and flowers from his residence in Arizona and arranges them into compositions that he then photographs. The lifeless insects create stillness to his work and a macabre sensibility. Combined with the life-like flowers, life and death inhabit the same space.

The paintings of Ryan Michael Ford are made up of a variety of funny and slightly disturbing characters that he draws from his imagination. They exist in dreamy and surreal environments and seem small in size to the somewhat simple landscape or colored background they inhabit. This size ratio highlights the characters as one of many in a large world. Odd fuzzy faces, highly sexualized females, fruit, candy and animals are all part of his menagerie of images. They act as symbols of pleasure, mystery, and angst and help create the mood of the painting.

In the piece “ Ice Cubes Melting in a Plastic Cup,“ Jeremiah Teipen does a Google search to find different textures of ice cubes from the Internet to create his computer-generated imagery of cube’s melting. From this reference he goes on to create a psychedelic cascade of colors and images that come into focus and then change and melt away. The object like physical presence of the piece gives the computer a presence that invites the viewer into an unconscious stream of colors and shapes that shadow the workings of a conscious mind.