Coming Up! “Show #15”

“Show #15”

Febuary 27 – April 5, 2015

The works in Show #15 use formal elements to visualize a sense of control while embracing the futility of it. Ripped edges, burn holes, images disintegrating and disappearing, give in the darker side of order and explore an emotional side that seems to lie beneath the surface.

Sue Havens’ work creates pleasing compositions of shape, color and texture that also present a certain discord. The exacting structure holds an element of stress. Pleasing colors become jarring, hard edges but up against wobbly ones, colors held within varied planes seem to want to break out of the grid creating a sort of pulsing play between harmony and disorder

Jen Hitchings’ paintings describe emotional states. Waves of color, lines and dots move between collective communities and individuals in altered states to create a form of non-verbal communication. Humans are loosely rendered and are there to designate where the energy is coming and going. Sometimes the work takes on an otherworldly feeling or a spiritual reckoning, other times they seem to be taking a turn towards the dark side of excess and being out of control.

Pamela Council creates sculpture out of deluxe fabrics and man-made objects. She uses the fabric as a sort of stand-in for the human figure and manipulates the surface in different ways such as screen-printing, acid burns, dying and painting. This helps to create the personality of the piece as well as a story behind it. The marks and holes act as both an emotional narrative and a personal response to “the textile industry, class struggles, gendered work, and spiritual and physical trauma.”

Lana Z Caplans video “play, and repeat” is a layered collage of images of New York City each one erasing the other. To view the video is to experience someone’s perception of a place through images appearing only to quickly be replaced by another thus leaving the viewer with a fleeting memory of what was there.