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Parlour Bushwick provides information about collections management. We also share tips and tricks to ease the creation, storage, and maintenance of cultural heritage and collections.

The goal of collections management is to satisfy the mission of collecting institutions or the needs of individual art collectors. It also ensures that your art collections are sustainable and safe long-term.

Collections management is synonymous with collections care. The former involves administrative tasks while the latter spans physical cultural heritage prevention. Archivists, registrars, and collection managers work in the collections management field.

With the information we provide, you can care for your collections and protect them from damage or loss. In addition to enhancing their safety, in-depth documentation helps track individual art objects in your collection.

Various practices and standards support the creation of safe environments for art collection objects, accompanying them with accurate and clear documentation. We provide the information you need to comply with the collections care and management practices and standards.

Collection management involves information collection, coordination, communication, and formulation of policy, and planning and assessment. On the other hand, collection care involves physical actions aimed at delaying or preventing damages to art collections.

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We also cover processes that affect decisions regarding records and collections management policy. The policy outlines protocols for collections care and scope, including emergency planning and response measures.

At Parlour Bushwick, we also provide the information you need to track the details of your art collection objects to care for them. Collections management policies provide cataloging and information collections standards to preserve the details of your collection such as historical information.

We ensure that your art collections are well-preserved for the future and your everyday activities such as creating exhibition lists and conservation tasks management are more efficient.

We’re your go-to website for all the information you may need to care for your art collections. Whether you’re new to artworks collection or you’ve been in the industry for years, you’ll find our information resource useful.