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Providing you the information you need to organize and archive your artwork collections

Artwork collections require proper care to preserve their quality and market value. You also get to understand their value. Insurance and loss prevention are key aspects of art collections care and management.

Creating and maintaining an inventory for your art collection is the first step to its management. This helps remember the process and details of how you obtained each artwork. It creates the basis for making a sale in the future and helps with the documentation necessary in case of a loss.

Organizing and managing your art collections’ details can command respect from your professional contacts. Being organized affects your business relationships in the future; it impresses your art dealers because you’re able to deliver timely and polished reports on your consignment.

Your professionalism is questioned if you can’t locate your artwork.


Archiving your artwork helps strategize your business for success. Well-organized information on your artwork pieces, sales, clients, and galleries brings out any patterns when they form.

Collections management

Collections management allows you to see your level of art production for any particular month in comparison to sales. With this information, you can determine what to focus on in the upcoming month(s).

art inventory software

An art inventory software helps determine how much each piece you sold earned and the expenses you accrued within the year. Seeing how much your artwork has earned you is exciting and can motivate you to work harder.

We'll Help You Manage your art collections

The Parlour Bushwick provides information about collections management. We also share tips and tricks to ease the creation, storage, and maintenance of cultural heritage and collections.

The goal of collections management is to satisfy the mission of collecting institutions or the needs of individual art collectors. It also ensures that your art collections are sustainable and safe long-term.


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