Defining Fields

The work in Defining Fields has a zen-like formal quality that stems from a hands-on working process. The simplicity of marks, shapes, and color create a quiet presence and belies the generous amount of time spent to create the tactile surfaces. They offer the viewer a chance to tune out and contemplate what is in front of them.

Elisa Soliven arranges pieces of colored ceramic into grid-like compositions embedded in sculptural clay vessels. The muted color of the clay forms embrace the separated pieces and hold them together creating a community of colored shapes that maintain an individual sovereignty.

Jimbo Blachly paints abstract spaces that are symbolic of thought processes and levels of understanding.… Read more here

Opening September 29, 2017

Defining Fields

Jimbo Blachly

Howard Smith

Elisa Soliven

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Festival of Political Pleasure 2

Festival of Political Pleasure


Mike Ballou


Nadine Beauharnois


Robin Bruch


Peter WilliamsRead more here

Festival of Political Pleasure

Festival of Political Pleasure

curated by Carol Bruns

Against a social-political background of global war against the people and the planet, and a cultural background of industrial scale art production, this exhibition is an exuberant festival, a conceptual shift, a seed bank of values such as human scale, humor, spontaneity, sensual use of materials, intuition—-creating a sense of hospitality and a utopian aesthetic. It puts these values back into play combining art works both figurative and abstract without false division or the idea that art history is a linear progress—it shows that differences are a resource, not a contest. Here, the art is setting up a situation in opposition to the global destruction going on around us, and implies a way to live now.… Read more here

Successive Excessive



Chris Bors


Andrew Chan


Mike Estabrook


Fred Fleisher


Carl Gunhouse


Hein Koh



Joe Heaps Nelson


Roxanne Jackson



Judith Page

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