how to create an artistic showerhead painting

How To Create An Artistic Shower Head Painting

Showerhead painting has become a new trend in the market; nowadays everybody wants their showerheads to be painted innovatively and uniquely. While some people wish to the shower heads to be painted by professional, most of the people want to pain their shower heads by their own, because this gives a personal touch to the shower head.

Today people want to do something creative and different, this gives birth to many innovations. while you have options of either doing it by yourself or hiring a professional for the job, the difference is of the specialization and will to do something extra and that too with the risk of getting the areas nearby covered in the paint.


Before starting anything, you should explore your bathroom fixture, the options for the color and the stability of the paint. The reliability and stability of the product. You have to follow some steps to successfully paint the shower heads. You have to research by yourself on how to create an artistic unclogging shower head paintings

  • Step 1. tape off the fixtures of the taps.
  • Step 2. give the surface of the taps and shower head a thorough sanding.
  • Step 3. cover all the surrounding area with plastic wrap or something which doesn’t get the color.
  • Step 4. Spray the surface with a primer twice
  • Step 5. wait for the surface to dry off.
  • Step 6. give two coats of color and let it dry
  • Step 7. Before peeling the tapes, you need to cut the edges with a sharp blade
  • Step 8. enjoy the feel of new paint and look of your bathroom.

While painting your shower heads you will have to follow the step mentioned, and there can be differences because of the different paint types. You have to get the full information on how to create an artistic shower head paintings before starting the process to avoid any chaos.


While painting your shower heads is an attractive idea you have to be careful in the process because is the paint spreads onto the wrong surface or is not done correctly, you will have a significant work of redoing the whole bathroom again.

  • FRESHNESS: while painting the showerheads is a strenuous task, you get the new bathroom for yourself, and it becomes attractive.
  • DIFFERENT IN LOOKS: you have the same shower head for years, painting it gives a new view, and this changes the entire look of the bathroom.
  • ADDS CHARACTER: anything you customize in your home represents you. Painting your shower head does the same. When you enter a person’s personal space and see something customized, it gives an insight into their personal lives, about what a kind of person you are.


While it seems to be pretty easy to create a new artistic shower head by painting it by yourself, but there has to be a lot of carefulness and consistency. The one thing people underestimate in the painting process is cooling time, and you have to wait for the pain to dry, For understanding how to create an artistic shower head painting, first, you have to be thorough with the basic rules of painting, also how to avoid the spreading of the paint in the unwanted areas. because a small mistake from you can convert into a full bathroom remodeling.

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