Designing an Art Based Dressing Room for Footballers

Designing an Art Based Dressing Room for Footballers

Football is one of the most popular sports events in the world, attracting fans and admirers. Most fans come to watch because of the discipline and dedication from the player, who gives everything to help their team win each game.

Before heading onto the pitch, the players and coaching crew first gather at the dressing room. Again, at halftime and the end of each match, players and their technical team meet in the dressing room. The dressing room is a vital part of the game of football.

For some teams, the dressing room is where they win the match, even before stepping onto the pitch. It’s where the coach gives instructions to the players, and players bond with themselves. Players learn discipline and get the drive to win in the dressing room.

Given how vital the dressing room is to the game of football, it’s crucial to invest in taking adequate care of it through artwork. It’ll help make players and coaches strategize better for each game. Some of the tips here would help make the dressing room more convenient for players and coaches.

1.  Install Paintings of Team Legends

Some football players spend a significant part of their careers contributing to the success stories of their team. These players, through their past achievements, make huge impacts on the clubs they played.

Often, other players see them as role models and strive to accomplish the same success as those role models in their careers for their various clubs.

Paintings of club legends can serve as sufficient motivation to have some players performing at their very best. Clubs can paint the pictures of their heroes and put them up in their dressing rooms. The clubs will be celebrating their legends, adding colour to their dressing room, and inspiring their younger players at the same time.

2.  Paint The Team’s Memorable Moments

Capturing memorable moments for the presents players helps them celebrate their success. Events like when they won a trophy or came tops in a crucial game, or simple, fun moments during training, if caught on camera, can keep memories fresh.

Some of these crucial moments, if painted as artwork and placed at the dressing rooms, can affect the psychology of players positively. Before the start of each game, players would look back at their recent achievements and push for more memorable events.

3.  Make Provisions for Appropriate Refreshments

During a halftime break, or even after the game, players might want to take some refreshment. It’ll not be out of place to desire a quick cup of coffee, even before the game starts.

The dressing room would feel better for players if it has provisions for appropriate refreshments for when needed. A beautifully designed coffee mixing machine in the dressing room gives players easy access to something they can use to cool off. Not minding the price, either an affordable price point or a mid-range coffee mixer, beautifully placed at a corner in the room, a single machine would be sufficient for the team.

4.  Personalize Player’s Cubicle

Assign cubicles to each player, and tailor an artistic design for each compartment to suit the player. Using the player’s specific jersey numbers for each stand, for instance, would help each player identify with and personalize theirs.

catalogue of past players in the club that used their shirt numbers and their achievements can serve as part of the artistic design for each player’s cubicle. While it’ll add beauty to the dressing room, it’ll help the players better understand the history of their team and replicate the achievements if past players.

5.  Create Sufficient Space in the Dressing Room

Sufficient space in the dressing room will give the coach, for instance, adequate space to demonstrate desired instructions to his team. In designing the dressing room, the design must incorporate enough space for even the player.

The overall design must make provisions for artistic beauty and sufficient space to allow even players to engage in other playful activities in the dressing room.


The dressing room is an integral part of players’ footballing life, significantly improving the infield and out of field mentality of players. Investing in sufficient artworks to boast the psychology of players would be a worthy investment.

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