How you can get more insight into your artwork

How you can get more insight into your artwork

Art is a form of self-expression. It can be an outlet for creativity, or it could mean something more to you than just that. When artists create artwork, they are often looking for some kind of insight into themselves and their world.

It can be difficult to know how your artwork is received by others. Sometimes you need someone with an outside perspective to help give insight on what changes might make it more appealing and a better representation of who you are as an artist. We want to show you some ways that will get people talking about your work, while also giving you the ability for input in the process.

  • Step one: Find a friend or family member who will provide feedback without bias. They should understand what type of art style interests them and have good taste. Have them compare two versions of your artwork side by side and tell which they prefer, why they like it more, and what would make the other version better if possible.
  • Step two: One of the best ways to learn is by comparing your work with someone else’s. Introduce new techniques into your artwork, and see what they think about it- this way you can get feedback from people who are outside of just those that share an artistic community!

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