Fantastic Ideas for Creating a Personal Art Gallery at Home

Fantastic Ideas for Creating a Personal Art Gallery at Home

Galleries are beautiful. Whether you’re an artist or not, we all love art galleries. They’re a perfect way to introduce pattern and color into your home. Artists and art lovers can display their favorite pieces in groups on gallery walls for an aesthetic look.

Filling a large empty wall with art pieces is a great way to make your interior space feel fully occupied. It’s also a perfect chance to showcase your personality – who you are, and what you love in your home. Your gallery wall can comprise photos or artwork, or be more than just that. A great wall gallery features your favorite drawings, photos, and artwork as the basics or focal points.

You can then complement them with amazing jewellery, dishes or chinaware, postcards, or even your old vinyl records as you deem fit. With a detailed or keen editorial eye and some practice, you can create a chic and eclectic wall gallery at home. Creating an art gallery at home is ambitious, but achievable. What’s more, adding style, color and visual impact in your home using a wall gallery doesn’t have to be costly.

vinyl records art gallery at home

Here’re some tips to help you transform your blank walls into an amazing gallery wall that exudes a unique design statement:

1) Pick art pieces you love

Create a unique gallery with photos or art pieces you love. Choose objects framed in shadow boxes, family photos, art prints, personal photos, original art, or kiddo art to decorate and personalize your walls.

Make sure that the art pieces you pick mean a lot to you. Choose a color scheme that works with your interior décor theme; do this before printing photos, creating art or buying artworks. Use photo frames’ color hues to guide what you pick to display on your wall gallery.

2) Pick a theme and color for your gallery

Add a tight and unified look in your gallery with a thematic style, be it in your dining room, foyer, or any other interior space. Various objects, for instance, can be united in a neutral color palette to create a focal point of attraction.

Expression of an animal like a tiger in a sketch, motif and a wooden sculpture on the same wall gives an impression of the outdoors. Repeating plant and animal elements on such a gallery polishes your entire interior space.

Add at least one mirror to reflect natural light and make small rooms appear larger. Mirrors also add a warm metallic touch to contrast wood tones and textures on your gallery wall.

Play around with different materials, textures and objects to create a distinct style and make a bold statement. Choose the right colors to tie the different photos or art pieces on display together.

3) Use different display surfaces

Your gallery can comprise of all kinds of art pieces. Similarly, you can use other display surfaces apart from walls when creating your gallery. Place an entertainment center or credenza in front of your gallery wall and use it also to display your art pieces. Use display surfaces at different levels to create a beautiful layer look. Some can be low or high and others at mid-height to play with different display levels. Apart from adding layers, different display levels also add depth to your home gallery.

4) Use your creative skills

Your display pieces don’t have to be photos or paintings. Be creative to create a unique wall gallery. Consider beautiful chinaware such as ring bowls, serving dishes or platters, or mismatched vintage to create a unique wall.

Although chinaware are commonly displayed in cupboards, they can create a beautiful gallery wall. You may want your chinaware gallery in the bathroom due to low traffic (reduces risk of breakage) and the fact that it’s usually overlooked during design.

You may also include your hunting bows and arrows for display. Find hunting gear perfect for beginners to display if you don’t actually engage in the outdoor activity, but want to create a unique gallery. Websites such as Bow Scanner offer amazing hunting gear on their homepage to check out.

Think of how you can use unusual pieces creatively to create a memorable gallery wall. Think outside the box!

5) Organize and create order

You need an editorial eye to keep your wall gallery in order without creating a boring space. Although addition of non-art pieces can make your gallery look amazing, creating order with such pieces isn’t easy.

Find consistency in placing your art pieces perfectly on your wall gallery and connecting them to other no-art pieces. Order ensures that each item on your gallery stands out.

Use a white background and black framing with neutral matting for consistency. This makes your gallery wall organized and each artwork deliberate.

6) Build up your gallery around everyday items to add dimension

Create your gallery around cable boxes, televisions and wires, among other everyday items you’ll find in a home setting. Dress up your everyday items with small vases, candles, floating shelves, etc. to make them look more decorative.

They also add a 3D element to your space, atop being a great way to personalize your home gallery. Items such as pressed flowers, old mirrors, or unfinished wooden frames add a rustic touch and balance the feel of your everyday items for a modern look.

The warmth and hues of rustic pieces control design impact to keep your gallery and interior space less busy. Different textures and display levels create a layered look on your gallery wall. Add furniture in a floor-ceiling gallery for a seamless flow and look. Use straight framing to develop a sense of structure, adding to the aesthetic look of your wall gallery.

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